Why coaching?

Traditional clinical and medical care is ethically, ‘client focused’. This, in essence, dictates that the entirety of each medical visit has a very almost-sterile and all-too-often impersonal approach to patient care. And, yet, we know from support groups, 12 step programs, expressions of any varying faith, there is power in a shared story and common experience. Our founder, Jeff Gould, had walked a path of long suffering and despair due to brain injury, and serves as a beacon of hope in helping others find recovery. Our coaching often includes calls, texts and personal check-ins, accountability and structure to ensure the success of the treatment plan, and a tapestry of services to ensure our clients feel supported in their challenges.

Our Mission

"Bring Hope to Dark Corners,
Provide Clarity around Doubt
To Spur to Action the Injured,
That Life might begin Anew”

Who We Serve

Labor of Love is an effective and concierge service for those long suffering long standing and persistent symptoms associated with head trauma. This may include brain fog, memory loss, emotional dysregulation, visual processing and or chronic pain, sensitivity to light and sound, aphasia, and some problems with motor skills. Our practitioners have an extensive background with addiction and substance use disorder should those also be present.

We have served both D1 and professional athletes, auto and motorcycle accidents survivors, victims of assault, stroke patients, and drug induced brain injury. Please inquire to see if Labor of Love is right for you.

Meet our founder, Jeff Gould

Coach, TBI survivor, author, podcast host

Jeff Gould grew up in Tucson Arizona where he suffered a crippling and life altering head injury - a traumatic brain injury - at the age of 13. Turning to substance abuse for relief, Jeff would ultimately descend into homelessness and despair which he has thoughtfully described in his published memoir ‘A Life Concussed’. Now working as a mental health professional, Jeff brings his personal and professional experience to bear on coaching patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Our Clients Love Us, and We Think You Will, Too

From student to professional athletes, auto and motorcycle survivors, victims of assault, stroke patients, and those who suffer from drug induced injuries, we're pleased to share what they say about our services.

  • From our first session it became clear to me that Jeff is an exceptional TBI coach. We worked together for about a year. His approach was personalized to meet my specific circumstances as he helped me meet my goals. Jeff is an excellent listener who took the time to understand my concerns and guided me forward in my recovery journey. Jeff is compassionate, non-judgmental, motivating, and patient. 

    If you are looking for a TBI coach who can help you navigate the challenges of living with Traumatic Brain Injury and achieve your goals, Jeff Gould from Labor of Love is an excellent choice.

  • Jeff is excellent at what he does. He helped me more with my brain injury than any of the professionals that preceded him.

  • Jeff has been an invaluable resource for my son following his overdose and resultant memory loss. Several months after that incident, my son then suffered a concussion. Jeff's comprehensive traumatic brain injury and substance use disorder coaching program has supported my son every step of the way. It has included cognitive and memory exercises, education, nutritional supplementation and diet recommendations, as well as therapeutic techniques, life coaching, and acceptance work. What stands out the most is the support, compassion and dedication Jeff provided to my son. Jeff's life experiences have made him very relatable, and he has become a mentor for my son. I have no hesitation recommending Jeff Gould for TBI coaching.

  • I loved playing pro football. That is until that last tackle. After that, I had brain fog, trouble remembering things, and constant pain. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found TBI Coaching.

Reach Out!

If you're experiencing symptoms that you believe may be the result of a traumatic brain injury, don't hesitate to call or email us. A member of our staff will be happy to reach out to you to discuss how we may be of assistance.

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