Our Founder: Jeff Gould

Jeff Gould - LCDC-I/CIP/BHCC - is the author of ‘A Life Concussed’ and a celebrated coach in the industry of brain health, brain injury and addiction. He speaks both nationally and overseas on the topic of addiction.

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Arizona, Jeff’s early childhood was marked by family turmoil and suffering from two traumatic brain injuries, the second of the two being life altering.  That injury resulted in maxiofacial surgery that was extensive, producing a personality change that would all but send his life spiraling into madness through his teenage and early adult years.

Jeff’s injury- at that time undetected- would create a dark pathology of emotional disturbances, brain fog, and memory loss that contributed to his serious problems with alcohol and drugs that would stop just short of ending Jeff’s life.

Though coming from a background of both WestPoint and academia, Jeff’s life descended into social assistance programs, homeless shelters, and perils on and off the street in spiraling addiction.

He finally achieved long-term abstinence in a program of 12 step recovery, which began a long journey of making restitution and helping others, healing past traumas, and vigorously seeking out methodologies to help regain cognitive abilities once lost. Having become is a twenty year veteran working in the field of addiction - in both residential care and working one on one with families in crisis - his skillset involved and continues to involve building complex treatment plans of which brain injury plays a huge factor.

After his book found some success on the best-sellers list on Amazon, Jeff became involved in many nationwide advocacy campaigns and support groups that supported communities of those who had suffered strokes, CTE, and various mechanisms that produced head injury from which it appeared some persons could not recover. In extensive research with these populations, Jeff was to discover many different types of interventions which successfully reduced a wide spectrum of symptomology, often found just outside of traditional western medicine practices. His interests created collaborative work with neuroendocrinologists, neuro-optometrists and chiropractors, and neurologists to help develop a simple program in its outline, to help persons recover from malingering brain injury as he did.   He is a licensed counselor and is a certified Integrative Health Coach, Brain Health Coach, and Reiki provider.

Our Team

Gaby Udabor

Functional Medicine Health Consultant

Gaby Udabor is a functional medicine health consultant, maternal and child health advocate, Family Nurse Practitioner, speaker, best-selling author, Gaby U Show podcast host, and a mother of five. She is the owner and founder of Gaby U Health & Wellness Hub, a 100% online functional medicine and integrative practice. She helps individuals and their families incorporate holistic living successfully using different proven strategies to achieve optimal health. For over 17 years, Gaby Udabor has worked in a wide range of different healthcare settings from primary care clinics, nursing homes, and weight loss clinics.

Gaby Udabor has been featured on the STORRIE™ Podcast, Carpe Diem Living, Rock Movers, When doctors say, “we don’t know”, Nurse Strong, Nurses Outside the Box, Women Living Healthy & On Purpose. She has also been a speaker in the Dominators annual conference. Gaby is also found on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and various other places where she is educating or speaking to others about preventive health and healthy cooking.

Gaby’s approach and passion for functional medicine began because of her personal battle with on and off fatigue and gut health issues that lasted for almost a decade. After many visits to multiple providers, labs, prescription medications, and still not getting better, she decided things needed to change. 

Gaby’s mission is to help individuals who share similar health issues, heal from the inside out. She is determined to empower people not to give up and to know that there is still hope to reclaim and a way to optimize their health. Gaby takes the time to learn each individual uniqueness from their personal health history, and dig deep into what has or has not worked in the past and this she believes is a way true healing can begin.

Anna Gorges

Registered Dietitian

Born in Chicago and the youngest of four siblings, Anna Gores grew up in Illinois with a strong passion for athletics and research. Anna's journey has brought her to Texas, where she now serves as Director of Health for Labor of Love LLC.

Anna Gorges is a Registered Dietician specialized in functional medicine with over 15 years of experience. She has become an immense asset to our clinical focus in brain injuries, trauma, and cognitive health. She has profound knowledge of how nutrition and diet affect our body and health, and in our clinic, reduce neuro-inflammation and nerve damage, and enhance mood, memory, and cognition. Anna grasps the intricacies and connections of the body and develops personalized protocols with a whole-body approach.

While the research on the impact of nutrition and natural supplements in brain injuries are still growing, there are emerging natural therapies that show promising effects on reducing and offsetting some of the damage that occurs through trauma; this includes traumatic brain injury.

We are excited to have Anna Gorges share her evidence-based dietary approaches as a vital component of our comprehensive program. Anna has developed a specific brain health dietary plan that has a track record of improving the gut-brain connection, reducing pain & inflammation not solely in the brain but across the entire body and restoring cognitive function and balance. She employs cutting edge, integrative and natural therapies to promote brain balance and repair while easing dependence on medications. She has a solid grasp on methodologies that help heal the body and overcome health disparities. Other areas of expertise include ADD/ADHD/Autism, Leaky Gut, Genetics, and Endocrinology.

Jeff's book

A Life Concussed is a gritty and tragic memoir giving account of undiagnosed traumatic brain injuries that culminated into a life of addiction, homelessness, and disrepair. Jeff eloquently describes his return to health through meditation practice, biofeedback and therapy. This book has a strong relevance to those who suffer head injury- sports related- or otherwise. You can buy a copy here.

Jeff's podcast

Jeff Gould grew up in Tucson Arizona where he suffered a crippling and life altering head injury - a traumatic brain injury - at the age of 13. Turning to substance abuse for relief, Jeff would ultimately descend into homelessness and despair which he has thoughtfully described in his published memoir ‘A Life Concussed’.  Now working as a mental health professional, Jeff brings his personal and professional experience to bear on coaching patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.  

In this podcast, Jeff discusses his own experience with TBI and strategies he’s learned to live with and recover from his injury. He provides actionable guidance on how to identify TBI, what steps to take to recover, and how to support friends and loved ones suffering from a brain injury.

You can listen to it on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Play, or here

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