TBI Coaching Services

Treatment planning

All who come to Labor of Love will receive a comprehensive evaluation and full assessment prior to receiving services. The object is to highlight omnipresent and recurring symptoms as the result of brain injury and target those with a series of interventions rooted in evidence based practices, to begin promoting good health and alleviating persisting symptoms from either new or old head injury. Examples might include aphasia, brain fog, dysregulated emotions and ‘out of control’ outbursts, pressure headaches, memory loss and a sense of feeling overwhelmed. Our application of services, is hopeful, practical, and well informed to bring strong results to those that follow the program.

Collaborative Care

While Labor of Love is proficient at lessening the symptoms associated with brain injury, sometimes, as the saying goes, “it takes a village".

Often cases present to us with unique challenges and a constellation of needs requiring the best possible clinical and medical care. When these situations arise, Labor of Love can make discreet and efficient referrals to expand the treatment team to include specialists and creating a wrap-around, continuum of care. Examples might be a complex trauma response, or an imbalanced hormonal crash that might require collaboration to result in our clientele living their best lives. Labor of Love offers functional medicine protocols, nutritional supplementation, and we work regularly alongside hyperbaric oxygen providers to help facilitate effective treatment planning. We see clients both in person through our Dallas location, and across the nation via video conferencing technology.

VR Meditation

Our founder is an experienced practitioner of meditation and finds its practicality both useful and calming an emotional dysregulated nature, providing insight, and framing projects, visions, and goals. At Labor of Love we have combined ancient principles of meditation with the latest technology to provide an immersive and peaceful experience.


Neurofeedback has been proven to Improve mental well-hygiene, performance & overall health with brain enhancement training. Used as a form of quantified meditation, neurofeedback is a wonderful tool to provide regulation and balance for jagged emotions, and negative self-talk. At Labor of Love, we believe in the power of neurofeedback to make a wonderful accompaniment to any treatment plan for brain injury recovery.


Our founder, Jeff Gould, discovered the healing power of reiki several years back when an infection he developed became resistant to antibiotics. After becoming feverish for two months, his doctor began mentioning the possibility of amputating his arm if the infection which had spread into his arm. Having been given the gift of Reiki, nearly all symptoms, fever, and swelling began to subside in minutes, propelling him to seek out his own level of training in the practice.

Neuroplasticity, Memory & Cognitive Repair

While the human brain, categorically, isn’t composed of muscle tissue- it operates on similar a principle: it needs exercise to build new neural pathways. Our work and skillset provide masterful interventions at promoting neuroplasticity, helping build new memories, and regaining function(s) seemingly lost after a cerebral accident.

Micro-frequency ECT*

Micro frequency devices may aid and retrain the brain to function in natural bandwidths of healthy wavelengths associated with problem solving, intuition and multi-tasking. Often QEEG scans illustrate post head injury how our thinking and measured in bandwidth is severely disrupted post head injury. These devices that utilize micro-current help restore those bandwidths into healthy patterns that promote focus and clarity. Alpha Stim can be utilized with a prescription only*

FNP & Nutritional Intervention

Our services include two team members a registered dietician and a nurse practitioner who both specialize in the application of functional medicine. Our founder, Jeff Gould, is also an integrative health coach to help our clientele come up with a nutrition plan to combat inflammation in the brain and ensure they reap the most benefit out of the treatment plan.

Ocular Motor Retraining

Often times with concussions, the muscle tissue and optic nerve can become damaged resulting in blurred vision and headaches resulting from ocular motor distress. Labor of Love has been trained by a renowned Neuro-Optometrist with some simple exercises to correct this condition.


Labor of Love is proud to utilize the Neuronic phtobiomodulation device as endorsed by Quiet Mind. The strongest and most power device of this type, neuronic uses the power of laser light, diffused red light and infrared light pulses to activate mitochondria deep inside the brain cells, unlocking healing principles that create new pathways, new adaptations, and release of hormone chains to promote healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Neuoplasctity is a static concept, which means the brain always wants to help itself, even if substantial time has passed since the injury. The founder of Labor of Love did not begin intense recovery work on his brain injury until 32 years after his injury, and has seen enormous positive gains in his cognitive ability.

While we do not, we are happy to make a referral to get a PET. fMRI, QEEG or SPECT if need be and help you create a treatment plan based on the results of those scans that is right for you.

While we do not take insurance, there are instances where we can work on a sliding scale to make our unique and discreet service available to most.

Our coaching format is and has been used with persons from all over the country who have suffered from brain injury.

Reach Out!

If you're experiencing symptoms that you believe may be the result of a traumatic brain injury, don't hesitate to call or email us. A member of our staff will be happy to reach out to you to discuss how we may be of assistance.

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